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  • Elena Fishtik SARA. Laws are keeping silence during the war
    The novel “SARA” is about the harsh fate of a young girl Sara, who’s in her sixteen has overcome a hell a way of three concentration camps during the Second World War, the 1939—1945 and she survived miraculously. At the Bergen-Belsen camp, the fate of Sara crossed the fate of Anna Frank, who died of typhus. The novel is written by the stories of Stephanie Helbling that are complemented by the ...
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  • Michael Mann Power in the 21st Century. Conversations with John Hall
    Michael Mann is one of the most influential sociologists writing today. His three-volume work The Sources of Social Power, the third volume of which has just been completed, has transformed our way of thinking about power and has rewritten the history of human societies. No one interested in understanding how the modern world was shaped, how we got to where we are today, and where we're likely to be heading can afford to ignore this modern classic. Michael Mann is, as John Hall aptly describes ...
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