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The guidelines regarding Baptisms; Weddings and Divorce; Funerals and Memorials and also Fasting are outlined to help better serve you. This beautiful tradition is practiced throughout the Orthodox world. The parents become a symbol of the Virgin Mary and Joseph, while the priest symbolizes St. Symeon who held Christ in his arms at the time of the presentation. The parents should call the church office in order to schedule the churching of their child. Both the father and the mother along with the newborn must be present for the forty day blessing. Age, however, is not a barrier to baptism. Please call the church office to request a date for baptism. A person who wishes to sponsor a candidate for Baptism or Chrismation must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing and a supporting member of an Orthodox parish. A person may not serve as a godparent if his or her marriage has not been blessed by the Church or, if civilly divorced, he or she has not been granted an ecclesiastical divorce or for any other reason he or she is not in communion with the Orthodox Church.

Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church

Marriage is a Sacrament, a Mystery of the Orthodox Church, through which the union of man and woman is sanctified by God. The Orthodox marriage ceremony, the most ancient of Christian wedding rites, is steeped in ritual and symbolism, reflecting the theology of the Church. The rite is performed by a Priest who stands before an appropriately covered ceremonial table.

Eastern Orthodoxy, official name Orthodox Catholic Church, one of the three major The Studite Rule, providing guidelines for monastic life, was adopted by The incident of , wrongly considered as the date of schism (which had.

Genuine love in marriage is modeled after the love between the three persons of the All Holy Trinity. The revelation of this love for us is the self-emptying kenotic love that the Son of God has for mankind. By assuming human flesh, suffering, being crucified and rising from the dead, Christ conquered sin and death so that we might be, as St. One obstacle to practicing the highest level of kenotic love, called agape, in a blessed marriage , is the problem of infatuation. In the scientific psychological literature Beck, , infatuation is related to mania.

Elsewhere I discuss the dysfunctional emotions of anger, anxiety and depression [i] This article focuses on infatuation as a mania. Mania is usually associated with serious mental disorders such as Bipolar Disorder; Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic Personality Disorder; and substance abuse disorders. Most individuals experience the mania of infatuation as part of the first step in dating and sexual attraction. For some, however, infatuation becomes the dominant emotion controlling their lives.

Mania, as with all emotional dysfunction, can result in behavioral, interpersonal, social and spiritual damage. One of the major communication components within the divinely-designed human body is the hormone-neurotransmitter system.

A Pastoral Statement on Orthodox/Roman Catholic Marriages

Why aren’t we allowed to date? Why can’t we get married to someone who isn’t Orthodox? Is it a sin, and if yes, why? It is a relation not in due time and not according to God’s natural laws.

There are orthodox rules which reveal egyptian situations resulting from such There meet so coptic other ways and rules to meet young Christians who are.

Any ex- ceptions can only be made with the permission of the Metro- politan. Godparents with Godchildren or Godparents with the parents of their Godchildren. In the Chrismation of an adult, one has potential marriage impediment. For any questions regarding, please see Fr. Stavros, who sets all the dates for weddings. In order for the date to be locked in, one person in the couple has to come and meet with Fr.

Stavros to go over the wedding procedures. Pre-Marital Counseling is also required for weddings at St. John the Baptist.

Good (Pre-)Marriage: Avoiding Infatuation Intoxication

A couple desiring to be married should first contact the church office to schedule an appointment with the parish priest. It is preferable to schedule both your wedding date and meetings with the parish priest at least six months prior to the desired date so that scheduling conflicts can be avoided. Weddings may not be celebrated during the fasting seasons or the major feast days of our Church:. The following documentation is needed to insure that your wedding will meet the criteria established by the Church and local civil authorities:.

Please note that because of the separation of Church and state, two marriage licenses are necessary, one for the Church and one for the state.

Dating Pascha (Easter) General Info. Due to COVID, CDC and Metropolis guidelines, our annual follow us on Facebook at. ​Nicholas-Greek-Orthodox-Church-St-Louis-MO-2 *****************************.

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St. John Chrysostom typified the Orthodox Church Fathers: “From the out of nothing, and continues to create through the laws of nature He has created.

How is it a mystery? They come together, and the two are made one. They have not become the image of anything earthly, but of God Himself. They come in order to be made one body; behold the mystery of love! John Chrysostom, Homily 12 on Colossians. Marriage is a “mystery” that involves human love and divine love, the very sign and image of God’s presence with humanity. Marriage is an event in which Jesus Christ Himself participates through the presence of the priest, and that of the praying community, the church.

In view of this “ecclesial” dimension of marriage, therefore, a wedding must be performed within the context of the Orthodox Church in order for the Church to recognize and affirm the validity and authenticity of the marriage. Wedding Reception St. Demetrios has a wonderful large hall that is available for catered wedding receptions.

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Why Orthodox and Catholic Easters are on different dates That being said, I do agree that on the Catholic side, getting for a protestant Catholic remarriage is essential, and that on the Orthodox, likewise to provide for a serious Orthodox family. This is something the OP will have to work out with his future wife, and if he wishes to receive the Holy Communion of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church, he will have to receive permission from his own Orthodox bishop.

I do not know whether or not it does ever been granted by the Orthodox authorities to an Orthodox Christian to receive Holy Communion in a Catholic church after the ancient split of the two. The Eastern tradition places a good emphasis on the Divine Office Vespers? What about education of the children?

Saint John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church For any questions regarding, please see Fr. Stavros) A date cannot be set for marriage unless one of the parties.

We, as a parish, rejoice in the love that you as a couple, share for one another and the commitment you have made to bring you to this day in preparation for your Orthodox Church marriage. Your decision to be married in the Church is an indication that the Christian faith and the sacramental life of the Church are important to you.

In the eyes of the Church, marriage is the sacramental union between a man and a woman as it is expressed in the the Bible through Christ’s sacrificial relationship towards the Church Ephesians When we say that a Christian marriage is a sacrament, we use the word to convey the depths of the bond you are about to enter into: As Christians, the sacrament of marriage is your oath of loyalty unto death to each other and – as a couple – your oath of loyalty unto death to our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Christian marriage is intended to be a sign of God’s presence in your home, which is a small Church in this fallen and broken world. You are asked promptly to schedule a meeting with the Parish Priest, Fr. Preparation for the Marriage: Premarital Counseling. At the premarital counseling, done at least a month before the wedding, the priest prepares the couple for the Orthodox marriage. He first needs to confirm that the couple is baptized “in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”; that they are not in close blood or spiritual relation, and that they are both of free marital status.

Then, he will discuss the sacramental nature of the marriage bond, the Christian understanding of marriage as it is expressed in the Scriptures and the marriage service itself.

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